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How It Works


We are an online professional services marketplace offering translation and monolingual and multilingual transcription|subtitling services, in addition content creating services. Our innovative real-time model ensures fast communication and firsthand information between clients and freelancers through our self-service project posting and management process, and our inbuilt chat, thus saving on time and reducing errors. 

Our self-service model ensures low costs to our clients and allows them to monitor their work online to ensure quality and timely delivery. The Pay As You Go payment structure is designed to protect both the clients and the freelancers as funds are held in ByLanguages' account until the client is satisfied with the work delivered. 

Clients - Control the placing, management, and completion of projects, and payments. Only release your payment when the project is completed to your satisfaction.

Freelancers - Payment on delivery guaranteed. Reduce your tasks of asking for Purchase Orders and invoicing, and waiting for 30 days+ credit period. Get paid when you deliver what's expected of you.

Client - How to Post a Project?

As a client seeking our services, you’ll be required to go to our Post Project page select the service you require, fill in the project details, select the language pair - where necessary, upload the project files (including reference files if necessary), and set the preferred deadline. Based on the files upload and the provided details, our system will provide you with an automatic quotation. If you agree with the total fee quoted, you’ll be directed to the payment page where you’ll upload funds to your account either through PayPal or your credit or debit card.

Once that’s done, your project will be posted and notifications sent to all registered freelancers whose profiles match the project's requirements. Freelancers will bid on the project and you will select and award the project to the freelancer whose profile matches your desired level experience and expertise. The selected freelancer will be notified through email and system notifications that the project has been awarded to them for their acceptance.

Once they have accepted the offer, they'll be required to adhere to the provided project instructions and deadline and submit the file to client through the system.

Upon receipt of the final delivery, the client has 14 days to make sure that all their requirements and quality standards have been met before releasing the payment to the freelancer. If there are any concerns relating to the delivered work, the client and the freelancer are required to discuss them on the three-way chat feature provided by the system.

When satisfied with the delivered work, the client will then release the payment to the freelancer and close the project. In case of any dispute, the client is required to inform the admin for them to arbitrate the situation and make the final judgement.

How to Place a Bid, Win, and Complete a Project?

Once a project matching a freelancer's profile and skills set is posted on ByLanguages, they’ll receive an email and system notification for them to bid on the project. They’ll have access to all project details; project description, requirements, files, and deadline, to help them decide if they available to handle the project or no.

The client will review all placed bid and award the project to the freelancer whose profile fits their requirements. Once awarded, the freelancer will choose to accept or reject the project based on change of their availability from the time of bidding to being awarded the project.

If they accept the awarded project, they can start working on the project and deliver the deliverables as provided in the project details. If they choose to reject the awarded project, the client will be informed of the rejection and will have another opportunity to select the second-best freelancer fitting their requirements.


Chat in real-time. Once a project is awarded to a freelancer by the client, the live chat window pops up for them to discuss any concerning details about the project, for example, reference materials, change of deadline…etc.

The chat messaging system is a three-way chat system which includes the client, the freelancer, and ByLanguages Support Team. The support team monitors and records all communications for future reference in case of any disputes.

The chat transcript is sent to both parties via email for their records once the project is completed and closed.

Your Data and Payment Safety

We value your trust, safety, privacy and confidentiality as our number one priority. We adhere to all international data privacy and confidential standards, including the GDPR. You can read more on this here.

Our state-of-the-art security for your funds is run by Encrypted Website Payments (EWP), a PayPal Payments Standard feature that uses public and private keys to encrypt the payment button code used on merchant websites.